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Steve Farley's Bulldog Baseball Camps
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Youth Camps: Bulldog Baseball Youth Camps are for players who sincerely want to learn and improve and have fun with the game of baseball. A player’s ability or level of knowledge is not important when he/she arrives at camp. Campers will be given every opportunity, under close supervision, to improve their skills. Getting young people excited and enthusiastic about the game of baseball is one of our primary objectives. Our energetic staff will give each camper the knowledge that will help them become more successful in baseball and ensure the success of our sport for the next generation and those generations to come. We pride ourselves in teaching solid baseball fundamentals. Long free time periods, watching videos or watching other games isn’t part of our camp experience. We are not a “baby-sitting” camp. Advertisement of the Bulldog Baseball Camp comes from the testimonials of numerous players who have vastly improved their skills at the camp and from parents who have seen this improvement. The number of campers returning for second, third and even more years is remarkably high.


These camps are open to any and all entrants and is limited only be age, gender and number.