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Steve Farley's Bulldog Baseball Camps
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Does my son have to be an "all-star" to attend camp?

No, Coach Farley welcomes players of all ability levels. Some of our younger campers have very basic baseball skills and limited game experience while other players compete on advanced travel teams. Kids are put on teams according to age and ability level. We want each player at camp to have a positive experience. Campers have the option during registration to request to be put in the same group with friends or teammates who are attending camp (as long as there isn’t an age difference of more than one year).


What's a "normal" day of camp like?

After campers arrive and check-in with Coach Farley and their counselors, players and coaches walk to the baseball fields. Coach Farley leads the players in a group warm-up and stretching session. Counselors take their teams to the outfield area where campers begin loosening up their throwing arms. Depending on the day, various baseball fundamental skills are demonstrated by Coach Farley and the camp staff. Counselors continue working on these skills and drills with the players assigned to their group. Campers go through a late morning, six-station circuit, with different games / skills / drills featured each day. Several water breaks are scheduled during both the morning and afternoon sessions. On hot days Coach Farley turns on a hose so that campers can run through a sprinkler to cool off. After going through the skills & drills circuit, campers and coaches eat lunch at noon. After lunch, Coach Farley leads the group in a daily sports trivia contest and also talks to campers about topics such as sportsmanship, academics and the mental aspects of baseball. The afternoon session features coach-pitched games on Monday and Tuesday and player pitch games on Wednesday (we know many of our campers play games on weekends and we want to avoid high pitch counts and sore arms). Thursday’s camp session features bonus instruction and drill work in two of the most important skills in the game: pitching and hitting. We finish each camp day with a review of the skills that were taught. Coach Farley hands out baseball cards to daily award winners chosen by the camp counselors. At our closing ceremony on the last day of camp, players receive a certificate from their counselor, listing their fastest 40 yard dash time and their fastest pitch on the Jugs speed gun.

What's on the menu for lunch?

We have pizza on Mondays and Wednesdays and hot dogs on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Chips and fresh fruit (oranges, apples and bananas) are offered at lunchtime along with fruit snacks. Campers are welcome to bring their own bag lunch from home if they prefer. Ice water is available and there is a concession stand open during the lunch hour where campers can use their punch card to purchase sunflower seeds, gum, Gatorade, candy, etc.

What is "water slide day"?

During the last hour of camp on Wednesdays, Coach Farley waters down a soft, grassy area with a hose (see video clip on the website). Campers who want to participate can practice the bent knee and head first slides they previously received instruction on during camp. Sliding is voluntary. Campers who participate WILL get wet and muddy! Parents are welcome to watch the fun!

What if it rains during camp?

Coach Farley keeps a close eye on the radar during camp. We can play through some light rain but campers go indoors if we see lightning or hear thunder. Our camps have access to indoor gym space and a multi-purpose room so that we can keep campers busy during a rain delay.

How do you address camp safety concerns?

All of our camps have a certified athletic trainer on-site. Parents fill out an online medical and insurance form when they register and can list any medical concerns that our trainer needs to know about-- allergies, bee stings, diabetes, past health problems, etc. We do our best to keep campers safe and constantly supervised during daily activities. Campers are grouped according to age and ability levels. Campers can request to be in the same group with friends during the registration process as long as they are within one year of being the same age.

What if my son has to leave camp early for a game or practice?

Not a problem. Just let Coach Farley and your son’s group counselor know about early pick-up when you drop off your camper in the morning.

Who are the camp counselors?

Coach Farley hires college players and graduated high school players with extensive baseball playing experience to serve as camp coaches. We do a background check on each coach. We typically have 8-9 campers per coach and never more than 10 players per coach. We limit our camp enrollment to no more than 60 kids total in order to keep a low camper to coach ratio and to make sure players don’t have to sit out during games.